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hesitation and howl when turning

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So when i slow down to stop at a stop sign there is a slight howl from about 30-25. When I am completely stoped and turn left my truck feels like it is being held back by somethign and there is a very faint howling sound coming from it. When I turn right it is not as bad but it is there. It just started doing this yesterday. Help?
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wheel bearings on the rear axle?
Is it a 4x4? Hubs tend to sound like "roaring" when turn to one direction. But didn't know of one to slow you down, unless it is totally fugged.
I feel like a complete retard. I used 4wd yesterday in when I was in the field. Apparently I fogot to push the button to put it in 2wd again. I just noticed it 5 mins ago. I should have figured it out right away since I always forget to put it back in 2wd. I hate the push button crap I liked my stick on the floor alot better.
:shake: No prob, man. That's why I asked if you were 4x4. Sometimes it will get stuck in 4x4 for awhile. Guess you're the one who stuck it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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