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Some of you may know me from ....I registed here a long time ago but something got screwed up with my password so I didnt return till today......

For those of you that dont know ive got a 90 454 ss thats slightly modded and I also have an 89 project truck. The 89 is in progress and so far I have:

-2.5" stock floor bodydrop
-ART tube a-arms with coolride kit
-ART parallel weld on 4 link with bags behind the axle
-Raised the bed floor 7.5"
-99 GM escalade clip with an 02 HD gmc bumper
-shaved the tailgate, stake pockets, door handles and antenna hole

I am currently working on:
-Suiciding the doors and hood
-Shaving the stock tails and installing caddy tails
-Building a completly custom designed sheetmetal dash and interior

Future plans include 20 or 22" wheels and an LS1 swap as money allows :D

Other than working on my trucks I just finished my second year at Michigan Tech in mechanical engineering. During the summer I operate equipment and do general landscaping work(ie slave labor lol)

Just wanted to stop in and say hi!

I am the Moderatonator!
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Glad to see you made it over here Jimmy. Your trucks bonna be a bad MOFO once you get the LS1 in it :head:
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