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HID ballast problem

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The other day one of my lights when out and this has happened a few times. The times it happened before I just unplugged everything thing plugged it back in and they were working fine. Well this time I did that and it worked for a little while then it went out again so I tried unplugging it and redoing it. It came on then shut off shortly after and would flicker on when I was messing with the plug that goes from the stock light wires to the ballast but now it doesn't come on at all. Anybody have an idea of what's going on? I figure the ballast went out but maybe it's the wiring since when I messed with it at first it would turn out shortly then cut out again?
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already did that and it isn't the bulbs

I'm not taking pics of this thing until it's dropped...I can't stand how it looks at the moment and I'm not a big fan of the wheels that came on it so I need to replace those too. So far all I've done is tint, candied tails, painted GMC emblem, debadged, and put my lights in.
whats the specs on this new truck?:nopics:
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