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First off, this is being started by a member over on on local Texas forum, i'm just helping spread the buy. Link to actual post is here:

Ok Guys and Girls I wanna see what kind of interest there is in a Group buy for some HID kits. These kits are not Japanese made they are German Made. They Dont have a year warranty they have LIFETIME Warrenty!! The output is far superior to the common aftermarket HID kits. The quality is just as good as OE kits that you see on Lexus, Mercedes Benz etc..

The Kits Originally Retailed for $350 Now everyday Price is 175.

Single Beam Kits ONLY

1-8 kits $140
9-15 kits $130
16-25 kits $120

Beyond that I will have to see what I can do!

If you dont know what bulb you need
Lamp Replacement Guide

LMK if you guys are interested. Im about to reorder mine so I figured I would give everyone the opportunity to cash in.. I have seen this in person and once they offered my this account I said Hell Yes! If not anything I knew I would be replacing mine in my truck!

Floyds Customs

Use one number per kit and put color temp and bulb sz

1. SiMpLyMoDiFiEd 8k/9006
2. SiMpLyMoDiFiEd 3k/800 series
3. a_guerrajr 5K/H11
Please add your username/kelvin temp/bulb type and gmfs afterwards to identy which forum you are on. Make sure to occupy a different # if you need more than one kit. No pricing on dual beam kits yet. Prices are shipped to your door, as you can read, if it exceeds the amount needed, a lower price will be added.

99. a_guerrajr 5K/H11 - GMFS

Vendor Site:
Premium Kit includes LIFETIME warranty and quality output difference compared to their standard kit.

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