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Took a few pics while I installed my hid kit. Some hid kits will be different.This kit is from prefered vendor member "Dub silverado"

(direct link to hid page)

First things First. this is a guide to follow you can change grounds/ballast mount locations as you'd like. This install is on a 99 NBS Silverado (auto headlights) so some vehicles will be different.

Tools used. Phillips head screwdriver rachet w/10mm socket. zipties and some tape.

Step 1 (not pictured) open hood up, pull the two pins holding in drivers headlight and pull headlight out. Pull off stock low beam plug and light bulb. Put in the HID bulbs supplied with the kit. Dont touch the glass!.

Next locate the stock headlight harness to relay plug and connect together. This will be the plug coming off the relay with a red and black wire. I ran this wire below the washer fluid tank for a cleaner install.


If you look at the relay youll see two more plugs on it. one is about 2 feet long (driver side), while the other is about 4-5feet long (passenger side). At the end of each plug will be a ground wire. Ground this somewhere good. I used the brace from core support to fender on the driver side. (not tightened up in pic)

the remaining wire on the relay (has no plug end on it) is a in line fused power wire. I ran this to the junction box. this is where the hids get there power from.

heres the plugs that come off the relay that plug into the ballasts.

These of course plug into the hid light bulb wires. Match red to red (they only will go in one way either way).

Next step is to mount the relay and ballast. I chose to mount if on the backside of the radiator shroud. Here theres nothing behind the plastic (fan is at the very edge) and the shroud helps further sheild the ballast from rain/water. It is also out of direct sight down here.

with the ballast mounted, I plugged in the hid light bulb connection and put the headlight back in place/put the pins back in. Drivers side complete.

This is how long the passenger side is.

I took the plastic cover off and ran the passenger side wiring behind the grille and hood latch for a cleaner look, you can run it directly over the radiator shroud as well.

On the passenger side, the install is the same as the driver side EXCEPT, you dont use the factory plug at all. The hid plugs into the driver side only to turn on/off the relay. I took a small piece of plastic bag and taped up the passenger stock connector and tucked it behind the light when i was done. Again, mounting location is up to you.

now test them out and enjoy!
The final step is to go back and ziptie/tape everything nice and neat, out of the way of hot spots/pinches. A little black split wire loom works well also. It matches the factory wiring since its all in black loom.

also, if you go over bumps and it goes off/on check the connections. The kit i had got, had very loose in line fuse connection cuasing problems. I ended up replaceing it.

P.S. most kits will kill/degrade the quality of your radio reception. The ballasts step up the voltage to like 20 to 30,000volts. The ballast produce an electromagnetic field which kills the reception!. IF your a diehard radio fan and dont wanna listen to a cd at night, then you will have to shield the ballasts. electrical shops sell a copper shiled material which should do the trick, although its not cheap.

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6000 I Guess 4300 is liek a pure white, mine has a very slight blueish tint from the front but at night it lights up the road great. It puts the light output of my stock highbeam bulbs to shame. some people mentions glare may be an issue. Since Im using a aftermarket clear headlight with the side's of the reflectors painted black, glare to on coming drivers is VERY low. I been driving around for about 3 weeks now and not a single car flashed its highbeams at me because its to much glare. I put my highbeams on for about 5minutes and had 2 cars flash to let me know :crazy:

also I noticed your have projector headilghts in your sig. I used to run a pair before they got smashed up, mine used like a H3 bulb for low beams, not the normal 9005/9006 type bulbs. Hid will not work with halogen projetors as well. The light pattern will be real messy and low. they may look cool, but the low beam output sucks on them . heres a pic of the oens I used to have, yes thats highbeams in the pic, low beam was so bad at night i could barely see


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i just got my HID kit. i was tryin to install it and had the ballasts mounted to the back of the radiator fan shroud like shown in the install post but i suddenly realized the wires were too short. any ideas as to where else i could mount it? thanks and happy early 4th of July to everybody

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i mounted my pass side jus on the back side of the front upper drivers side on the main fuse box between the fuse box and the battery
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