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HID lights in Denali Halogen Projectors?

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So I just bought these Denali Projector headlights (OEM off denali) this weekend at a swap meet. doing research today and have found out the factor denali projectors are designed for Halogen lights. Can I run HID's in these? will it be better than just putting HID's in regular GMC housings?

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no you wont. they drop right in.

Run HID in them, with halogens in them they suck. Or do a proper retrofit now that you have them and enjoy excellent light.
yup. you sure can, ran mine for 3-4 years before doing a retro. I would advise it. like I said, they suck with halogens.
Yeah, theres an big up when you just drop in an HID kit, with the retro you get a much clearer cut off and the width of the light spread is awwwwwesome. plus its bright as shit.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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