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Hey guys, I talked to a guy at a shop about getting HID's on my truck. He told me for my 03 2500HD it would be $300 HI/Low Beam installed. I know it might be bit high but they gota make some profit, but is this a regular price for a kit to be installed? The brand they are using is Eurolight? Thanks guys

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Right from HIDGATE

Login: hid

Password : hid2wt

The order you place on this web page will be process in priority than on eBay.

Warning :

This website is not open to public, that is why it is password protected.

We made this direct purchase page for our special customers only, Please do not give out the login and password to anyone.

For slim ballast HID kit, it is $63 per kit per kit Free Shipping. (Repeat Customer Discounted Price!!)

For 2 in 1 Digital ballast HID kit, it is $52 per kit Free shipping. (Repeat Customer Discounted Price!!)

We also have HID bulb and Ballast available on sale.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your business.
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