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Hit and Run!

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So I get up Sunday morning and go to get in my truck. I noticed something just didnt look right, so I get out and take a walk around my truck. What did I find? My front passenger corner bashed in. Headlight all busted, blinker on the ground, half my grill hangin off, a big ass scratch on my bumper, and my fender peeled back like a banana. I popped my hood to realize that my fan schroud is not against my alt. pulley and my k&n is against the core support. Man let me tell ya I was pissed.:pissed: My friends tryin to cheer me up kinda got me thinkin. Can I get the denali front clip outta this? Its only one corner, but why replace when you can upgrade. Let me know what you guys think. The denali front end is totally wicked in my books.
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if you can get the money for it do it man do it
that blows. if i ever see anyone pull a hit and run i'm chasin their ass down
that sucks
i had a hit and run on the passenger side 1/4 panel...they gave me 2k, got it fixed for 900 and ordered the L.E.D. tail lights for 200. pocketed 900.00 so i bought a tv and new rims and tires. so good luck with it..sorry to hear about your truck...if you do a certifit front end you can get it for cheap..but if i was you, i'd buy oem parts.
fbi has the denali front ends for a grand :guns: im thinking about getting a denali front end for my yukon :guns:


my bad i realized you had a newer body style going for the newer denali look i was talking about the older denali/esky front end for my 92 lol
id do denali or caddy whatever u do though dont stay stock. take advantage of the insurance claim.
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