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Hobart 250A Plasma Cutter

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Bought this new a year ago, used once, have two cutters, need to sell one.

This model has a built-in air compressor.
Runs on 115VAC standard wall outlet
Rated for 1/8" steel @ 10 inches/minute
1/4" sever capacity
Pilot arc
Diagnostic lights
20ft torch lead, 15ft. ground lead, 10ft power cable
Output is 12 amps

Retails for about $1,000 including freight

Best offer over $700, freight is extra at cost. Cart is additional $50+freight

Paypal, moneyorder, or cashiers check, prompt shipping!

I could put it up for sale on ebay, but would rather not pay them.
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are you firm on the price?

Because since you mentioned ebay.... I just checked there and you can get em new for about the same price.

If you're willing to deal.... shoot me your bottom line price and we'll talk.


and by the way... send me some information about your product as well.... I may be willing to start marketing it for you here in the Nashville area......High contractor per capita ratio here..... sounds like a good market for you.
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Last time I checked the plasma cutters on ebay are 'remanufactured'.

I qualify as a wholesaler for Hobart and my price is $949 for one, or $908 for two. I already posted the bottom line, but if that's too high, make me an offer.

I don't have any brochures printed up on my product yet. The best way to market these is to install one on your model truck and park it with the bed up.
As far as the cutters....

reman... or a year old.... probably mot much difference -imo- and if you posted your bottom line, then I guess there's no point in making an offer..... unless that's not ACTUALLY your bottom line....

As far as marketing... you mentioned that you are looking for dealers... and I am an aftermarket truck parts dealer.... so I was kinda just was offering to help you with marketing in the Nashville area.

I really don't think a dump bed goes with the theme of our company's demo trucks per se (air ride/kp 4 link-canti, 22's, body drops, shaving etc etc.) , but if you want to get the word out around here, I am sure several of my contacts in the construction industry would be interested in trying them out assuming there was some incentive in terms of pricing or something.

Anyway, if you do get some promotional info on the product and want to market in this area... send some my way.... I'll be happy to help out if I can.
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Ok, when I have some material ready, I'll shoot it your way, thanks
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