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Hi all- could use some experts. 02 Silverado 1500LS z71 4.8

Truck running fine until Kid took truck off road. wet & muddy. Lower hose from radiator to tranny came off. Lost fluid- wouldn't move. Replaced hose & fluid. Now 1 & 2 and reverse are fine; it will go into 3rd, but slips. Got it into 4th once since, but not again.

Son was up at concert at Motosports Park. He said he drove around, put in in park to go talk to someone- went to leave--no gears. Park itself is somewhat muddy and out in woods- but he didnt swamp it- no bogging, as park was full of parked vehicles. Rain puddles

Says when he parked it, it was running fine. When he went to leave, it started but no go. When husband got up there- he added a quart of fluid in it, it went right into gear. Looked under, saw it leaking. He states the quick disconnect broke, hose was not completely gone. I have the codes before we disconnected it, but ? when they all were- as we have had this a week. None are transmission or engine codes. Has no catalytic converters- so light is always on


pulled the pan. No metal, no shavings, not burnt. 2-3 solenoid is excessively loose. One piece of 1x1" something that looks like bark, and crumbles in hand. Fluid is still pretty red- husband put in 6 quarts on Sat after replacing hose. any ideas?
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