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How about that mud...stock 6.0 2500hd=got its ass pwnt...:crazy:

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well basically goes like this....friend called me to pull him out cuz he got his ext cab stuck, my dad had the duramax, so i hopped in the not so fun 05 2500HD 6.0, 4.10gears from the factory etc.

tried pulling him out, but his tow strap wasnt long enough for me to stay on the road, tried pulling him out from the ditch angle and that didnt work since we had 3" of rain the night before.i slide down more than i helped him get out...

i say, hey, i'll just go around you...floor it in 4lo in 2nd gear....didnt workout so well cuz i didnt see how deep the hole in front of me so here's the 6.0HD getting pwnt by nature for the first time, lol.

bout 20min later we had a couple more hd's out there and about 35ft of log chain that finally got us out....fuck tow straps they arent long enough, 4" log chain FTW!


EDIT: sorry for the halfway shitty pics, my new phone isnt as good as i'd like it to be...
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Crappy tires ftw.....LOL... Thats alot of mud to be in with those tires...
You got to get it muddy and stuck though, that's why you have a 4WD, isn't it? lol. Sucks that you got it stuck though.
It's all good, it was like 80* so it was a beautiful day to get it stuck and just sit in the bed drinkin beer, lol.

yeah i know, but its not my truck, and we pull wagons with them to the elevator, so they work good for great tire life, lol.

i hate when that happens
-1 for being a farmer and not having a loader handy :pow:
-1 for being a farmer and not having a loader handy :pow:
:whip: :whip:
Looks like it's time for some Thornbirds bro!
I figured you'd just go get a tractor too... It's nice to just back right up to a truck sunk like that, then drag it right out with the tractor idling...
we dont have a loader that'd pull it out....and we havent pulled our equiptment outta the sheds yet, so i've gotta get shit worked on first.

Looks like it's time for some Thornbirds bro!
yeah tires would have gotten you through, dunno bout thornturds tho.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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