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how can i fix it?

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i bought my foglights from a GM dealer selling on eBay.. they sent me a complete kit no problems what so ever except they wiggle.. for example if you push on them they go back about an inch and a half making them look like there dancing when i drive (im sure they should have come with some kinda clip that prevents this, if thats the case i never got it).. ive been meaning to do something about em but im not sure whats the best way to stop this, any ideas?
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mine did that and they had to completely replace it but it was on a chev
no nut right above the light (before it bolts to the truck ? normally theres a bolt that allows you to adjust the angle of the lights. once you got them at the angle you want, you tighten it up and it stpos of form moving
i dont think they have that bolt.. the piece that holds em in place looks like an upside down L and theres nothing behind the light to support it or keep it from being pushed back
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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