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How do I get the tail gate off?

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I wanted to quickly take my tail gate off my 1997 sierra long box. In my older trucks you just unhook the cables (or even chains) and lift or slide the tailgate to one side then pull it out...

Now this one seems full of bolts down there and no easy way to get it out?

how do I do it? :think:
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Matt said:
on mine, i have round "cups" that fit into each other. on only one side one of the "cups" is slotted and, like 5.3vortec said, open it partially to slide that part off. this allows your to slide the tailgate sideways to pull the other end off.
Okay I will try again on tuesday...thats the next chance I will get to work on the truck :bawl:

do you know if its the right or left side?
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