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how do i put flames on the dash and panels?

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:help: how do i put flames on my dash and door panels??
is it hand paint because :puke: i cant do it with spray paint!!

:mexsmoke: thanks :mexsmoke:
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Are you wanting to smooth and paint your dash or do it with upholstery? From your pst i'm guessing paint. I don't recomend rattle canning, because I've only seen a few people pull off good results that way. Your best bet is take it to a shop(won't be cheep) and have them do it, help with whatever prep you can. After that find someone who can do the flames. That's for the dash. For the door pannles you might aswell look into haveing fiberglass ones built. Painting your stockones will be a bitch and most shops won't do it, because the amount of work involved.
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