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How is this worth $150?

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that pretty cool, how much do regular switch boxes go for?
Yeah, I've seen em other places MUCH cheaper....
In fact, I'd make them for anyone who wants one for Half the price that guy is asking.

I sell regular switch boxes (10 switch pre-wired) for $45 plus shipping in several different colors or Clear or Smoked, so I'm sure I can put together some of these for less than $100 since I'm a Dub City Dealer as well.
that is a pretty cool idea though, ive never seen one of those before.
Its pretty cool...ive seen set ups like that before...and i bet someone will buy it for $100+.
Dub City Dealer as well
Well I'll be emailing you about some in the future :)

It's pretty much just a Dub City Escalade with switches you can get for under $1 ea. and then it's wired up too. Looks like the switches weren't even mounted that good.
this is where i get all my car models

Ive got this only in silver

This except chrome rims

And i just ordered the Silvy and EXT

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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