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Ive been wondering this for a while.

The h2 uses a half ton front frame and longer uprated parts to get the wider track and 2500 awd stuff to work.

In the back the h2 is actually a 2500 but I know the h2 stuff all bolts up on the Tahoe for a 2" lift thats way better than an eBay lift.

My question is, will the h2 front upper and lower arms and bars plus dampers all bolt up to a Tahoe for a sort of torsion bar mid travel? Then crank keys and get bypass dampers?

Couldn't one also run the h2 axles and diffs if they just hardwired the elockers to switches on the dash?

How.complicated is the wiring for the h2 tcase? Thats awd like the denali, BUT you could in theory hardwire a switch for the lowrange as well correct?

Not sure if any of this works or not, anyone really looked at both on lifts together?
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