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how much should i sell my lift wheels and tires for

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welp i think ima loose my truck and i wanna take everything off much do u think a CST 6-8 lift with uniball UCA and dual shock hoop with 4 fox shox....eagle alloy series 114 and the MT MTZ 38s? just wondering how much its all worth...has bout 20k miles on everything not sure on how much for tires...bout 50-60% tread though
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got hurt on tha job and tha bank was gonna cover all my payments but i find out 6 months later there not gonna cover all of them and now im like 4 months behind so truck goes bye bye lol
that sux man, I would take your tires if theyd fit my truck but Id need another 2" of lift to make that happen
well i would like to sell as a package...i would need tha money to buy a car lol
santa maria...bout bout 25 minutes from pismo
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