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how to hook up a monster tach

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well i just got back from mir and bought a monster tach i got a 2006 4.8 v8 and i was wondering how u hook them up i heard about splicing it in to the factory tach wire any input would be great
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not sure on gm trucks but im sure the hookup is pretty much the same. i had a phantom autometer tach in one of my other cars but black was ground, red was constant power, yellow was acc, and blue with the white stripe was to my rpm out wire from the cluster. i also had to solder blue to the actual board on my cluster. good luck man.
Ive never wired one to somethign EFI. Theres a male spade on distributors for tachometer signal, but were obviously talking about something newer here.

What do the directions say to do? I would imagine theres a wire somewhere to splice into.
Well got the tach hooked up today works great thanks with the help
i spliced into the factory tach and hooked up my hot wire and ground wire and lights and had to cut it for a 4 cylinder
aight give me a minute
link to the video i made

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hmmmm, what gauges are on your A pillar pod
air fuel ratio gauge and water
why is the shift light comin on that low? and just curious to as why you put a monster tach?
I set the shift light that low for the video and i put it in there just because a buddy had one in his and i liked it
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