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How to install 2 powered sub enclosures

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Below is the unit i want to use, it comes with amp wiring kits for each one ordered with 10 Gauge amp power cable. I want to do 2 of these because i have a W/T with hand crank windows and if i put any amount of Bass to the doors it rattles like crazy and my 3 way speakers i put in cannot handle any bass say from LIl Wayne or the Lacs lol, so i want to turn off pretty much all bass to my door speakers and use 2 of these. i dont want to shake the neighborhood, and i dont want to take up under my back seat i keep some tools under there and a 6x9 speaker which i will get rid of and attach that speaker wire back to my 6.5's in the rear door. but if i have to i will put one under the back rear seat, and one under my middle console if i can. to get bass in both places.
( I want to use 2 of these) or for the people that have only 1 is that good enough? and also will it fit under the front seats of a NNBS crew cab?

so i think i have it figured out but i havent really ever installed a system on my own so im curious.

Here is a picture of my heard unit as well, i have to take apart my whole dash to get to the head unit, it doesnt slide out and have screws on the sides that hold it in place. that is what the people who installed it told me at least.

Ok so now on to my questions.

I want to wire 2 of these units preferably under the front seats of my NNBS crew cab if i can, or if one will work if i take out my middle console cut out some foam and install it under that, because i do not and will not have any one sit there and if i do it will only be for a short distance.

So i think i have a little bit of a handle on it, but i wanted to reach out and make sure im going to complete this correctly.
To run 2 of these units, to keep my cost down a little bit these come with amp wiring kits- which include the following- i need to purchase speaker wire separately
17-feet blue 10-gauge power cable
4-feet silver 10-gauge ground cable
17-foot blue remote turn-on lead
17-foot twisted pair patch cable with EFX-2 RCA connectors
30-amp ATC blade fuse and in-line fuse holder
6 feet of flex loom
assorted crimp-on connectors and wire ties

I only want 1 wire through my fire wall, so if i get a 4 gauge wire from my firewall to inside of my cab to under my middle jump seat i can run a fused distribution block, to go from 4 gauge wire to 8 gauge wire (, so my 10 gauge will work so i can only run 1 wire from my battery into the cab and distribute the power from that point to the 2 amplified speakers. since the distribution block requires a fuse, and the 2 amp kits come with 30 Amp fuse holders and fuses. what size fuse do i need for the Distribution block, or can i run a 30 Amp at the distribution block and leave out the 2 fuses after splitting?

From the back of the head unit i will only have to run one set of the twisted pair coax cables to where i want to split it and i can cut and splice it to run to the 2 different speakers. i know where i can ground the units as well under the front and rear seats.

after that i dont know what else i need to do really. this is where i am coming for the help! Also sorry for jumping around so much.

Thanks for the help in advance!
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Sounds like you have it but I wouldn't cut and splice the coax cables, they make a splitter you can buy.
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