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How to reach 10" with suspension?

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This is all kind of new to me so I don't really know the correct terms for some of the things I am trying to ask. I have a '93 Silverado with a 6" suspension lift and 35's running 3.73's. I would like to go to a 9" to 10" total suspension lift and do a 3" body afterwards. The rear is done with 4" blocks and 2" leaf springs, and the front is done by lowering the upper control arms, but I don't know how much or if there are other components used in lifting the front with the existing suspension. What are some suggestions on how to gain 3" to 4" more using suspension? Any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry for my lack of correct terms...
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to get 3-4" more your going to have to buy a new kit, depending on the kit u have now u might be able to get 2-3" more of susp by cranking your torsion bars.
hd bars and ford keys you can get 2-3 but your front end might curse at you daily
and you don't want to gain 2-3" out of just cranking your torsion bars...your truck will ride like shit, and parts will wear extremely faster. Safest way to get the amount of lift you want is to go with a new suspension lift kit.
Get a 9"-10" kit. You could go with your 6" kit, crank to about 1"-2", and then go with the 3" BL. 10" there. BUT!!!! You want to get 9-10" with the suspension kit you have now. You can't. Go with a bigger kit.
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