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How to replace the hangers

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i recently got a belltech 2-4 lowering kit. i have already installed the spindles and the shackels. However i have not installed the hangers. some people have told me i have to remove the bed so that i can do this. is this true? if you have pics of how to replace them i would really appreciate it. thanks
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You shouldn't have to remove the bed. What's the part number and I will try to get you some pictures.
I didnt remove the bed but I did drop the tank... Now any time I do anything to the truck I remove the bed... much easier...
NBS? You have to drop the gas tank and grind the rivets out. If I had it to do over again I would have gone 2-5 with a flip kit and lift shackle.
I used an air chisel to break the rivets. Very fast but it sorta butchers the stock pieces. I didn't remove the bed or gas tank cause I used an offset wrench and have skinny hands.
You shouldn't have to remove the bed. What's the part number and I will try to get you some pictures.
im not sure what the part number is. the hanger has two different holes on each side. i guess so i can chose how low i want it.
how would i drop the gas tank? like how many bolts are there and where?
To drop the tank you'll need to remove the two bolts under the frame on the driver side that hold the plastic shield on, then there's two bolts that hold the tank in. They're both on the driver side of the tank. One in front and one in the back. I wanna say they're 15mm. Once you remove those bolts just remove the straps and it will come out. I would put a jack under the tank before you unbolt it though. that's how it is on my 06 crew cab, it should be the same on your truck.
There is two bolts that hold the straps. They are on the tank side that faces the frame, just follow the strap up on the tank near the frame. Make sure you also unbolt the filler neck. There is three small bolts (I believe) around your gas cap. Remove your gas cap and remove those 3 bolts. The two reasons to lower the tank is to install your new hanger bolts and to remove the leaf spring bolt since the head faces the tank on the inside of the frame rail (as I remember it).
thanks guys. i will do this maybe on the weekend because i still have like 3/4 of gas so empty wont be heavy. another question is what way will the leaf spring will go after the hanger is removed. when i did my shackles they went up and had a hard time bringing them down.
this is how my truck looks

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The guy that did mine didn't remove shit got a torch to remove the rivets and was smoking the whole time lol. For real
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