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Howdy all.

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I,m CaptCoolbreeze ,
I want to improve the braking of my 2004 Yukon. From what Ive seen around YouTube (ooooppss) you can put GM 2008 discs on a 2004 but what I need to know is, Do you need to change the rims or will the 13in rotors fit inside 17in rims??

Id like to thank in advance to any who help or have done that gimme advise.
I did a search but probally did not ask correctly.

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Do you have 17" rims? The stock rims would have been 16". IDK about the clearance.
Yes I do have 17in rims. But what I need an answer for is ( will the 13in rotors and calipers fit inside a 17in rim??) I dont want to change rims if I dont have to. !7's are a little cheaper than 18's.

I'm working on a 2004 Yukon SLE. I've already started my conversion to Z71 stuff keys on tortion bars & Moog coils in rear. Its sits about 3in higher than stock. I'm doing this so I can pull 7000lbs trailer.

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