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I sincerely loved Huck's Yukon and I planned to keep it (how many times have I said that one?), but I got an offer that I couldn't refuse. The owner of the company came in about a month ago and asked if i wanted a stab at buying his 2016 Yukon Denali with 125k miles on it. We came to a price I honestly didn't think I could beat, and I took the plunge. This will be my DD (I drive very low miles) and it will be our weekends and out of town vehicle. I was really wanting to get black interior, but the dune is really growing on me. Here are a few pictures and I can't wait to start doing little things to it.

I already swapped out tag lights to led and I have color matched GMC emblems to go on it.

Only mods planned are:
All Season mats throughout
LED fogs or retrofits from Morimoto
maybe leveling

I hope this one stays around for a long time. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will do paint correction, Gtechniq CSL and EXO, and leather coat the seats.

On to the pictures.

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Nice upgrade. Level on a 305/45 Terra or level the rear for clean DD duty.
This is 100% my plan. I am either going to do like a 1/3 drop (whatever it takes to level it and make it not look ass down) or I am going to level it on an AT.

I am not sure which way I want to go with it yet, so I am going to just drive it for now. I have brand new tires on it, so it makes going up a harder choice (or harder to get by the wife and buy new tires). We shall see...I figured set it up something like your F150. That seems like the most reasonable DD.

Leveling kit on front

Lowered to level in rear
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Ended up giving it a quick detail Saturday morning because I got it tinted on Friday. I got 15% ceramic all around and 50% ceramic on the windshield. I think it completely changes the look of the vehicle and I now only have the want to level it and drive it. Also wrapped the emblems to match.



Also made another purchase on Friday that I completely did not expect to do. Short story...

Swung by dealer to see my buddy and the tech beside him was doing used car inspection on it....was traded in at like 9 that morning. He checked everything over on it, serviced everything, and told me what they had in it. I ended up paying $300 over what they had in the car. Had no clue the car was there....had no intentions of buying something. I text the wife's brother and he is giving us 2500 for her accord and I got that one for under 17k otd. Payment is like 200 even @3% interest and it is 2017 with 50k miles
Sport special edition so it is full leather with red stitching. I spent the entire weekend detailing it and getting it ready for her. Car was clean, but I figured no better time than now to ceramic coat it. I did Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and Exo on the exterior (after a paint correction) and Gyeon Leather Shield on all the leather. Here are pics:



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SIL has same car, pretty quick with the 6 and fun to drive. Interior is noice as well
This one happens to be the I4 with the CVT. With the amount of miles my wife drives, and the deal we got, we jumped on the I4. Her 2007 Accord was a 4 cylinder, and this one is way peppier.
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