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Hybrid lift???

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I was thinking about possibly making a hybrid lift. Would this work:

4" Fabtech Spindles
3" CST Coil and Upper C-arm

4" ORD Shackle flip
1"-2" Add-a-leaf (<--help on brand)
U-bolt kit

Rancho 9000X Shocks
ORD stainless brake line kit <-- says it works for up to 6" lift, but I think it will work

Tell me what you think about this for a '92 ECSB Chevy 5.7L, 3.42 rear.
This will save me a couple of hundred bucks. Are there any problems with combining the front components? How about the rear, drive shaft long enough? Pinion angle ok?

Thanks :bowtie:
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I have a 6" fabtech, comes with 3" spindles and 3" Coils and upper a it should work, but make sure the a arms will work with the spindles your getting....

all you need is 4" of lift in the rear since its already taller than the front...a block or the shackle flip should be good enough.

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Got my answer!

Email from Performance Lifts:


You sure can... CST actually uses the Fabtech 4" cast spindle in all of
their 1988-1998 2wd C1500 7" kits. If you purchased the complete CST 7"
kit from us it would include the Fabtech spindles, it even ships in the
Fabtech box. A little known fact, CST is one of the largest consumers
Fabtech spindles as CST uses Fabtech spindles in the majority of their
2wd suspension lift kits.

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