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Hydrogen Fuel Upgrade for Better MPG's

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Has anyone here done it? I was thinking about building a system for my truck but figured I would check here to see if anyone has one or knows anything about how they are build and how they work. I was talking to a guy with a 07 silverado extra cab that said he doubled his MPG's but I didn't get a chance to look at his system. I have searched the web for the plans but cant find one that is detailed. I am looking for the plans and feedback from people on here that have experience with it to see if it is worth my effort or not.

Thanks Ryan
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Definitely bullshit. The theories often proposed to explain it are blatantly broken; most suggest that you get more energy out of hydrogen than you put in when splitting that hydrogen. Splitting hydrogen out of water is the opposite of burning hydrogen; when you burn hydrogen you make water out of hydrogen and oxygen. It takes more energy to split than it produces when you burn it.

There's plenty of bullshit out there. There's precious few believable, well-executed experiments; and the few that are any good show that it doesn't help at all.

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Wow I guess that answers my question. I will stop trying to look for the plans. Thanks for the insite.
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