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Ok. 08 crew cab 1500 2wd
So i had a buddy of mine do my notch and 4 link and start the bags. I was not even thinking!! I planned on ordering billets and going with something with a little bit of a lip.
I didnt necessarily have to have a huge lip but atleast 4 or 5" lip

Well he sends me pics and he did a parallel 4 link that is id say just a tad inside where the springs sat. I attached a pic of before where he had it sitting before he welded it. Lol pictures and all and i never thought hey wait a minute that may hinder me shortening the axle!!🤦‍♂️.

Here is my question
I am planning on running 24s so in yalls opinion based on where you see the link lined up in this picture, how much can i cut the axle down?

And what would be the max width wheel and offset yall think i could get away with without having to re do the 4 link?

Any input would be great!
I cant believe i let him get so far, without saying anything


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