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I have a few thingsa pulling a draw and they are draining my battery...

so i started checking fuses and found the ones pulling a draw but have no idea what they do!!

This is on a 2003 Silverado 5.3L
Name on Fuse - Amp of fuse

Under the hood
TBC Batt - 10 A
MBEC 1 - 50 A
Radio - 15 A

Inside Fuse Panel
PDM - 10 A

I'm thinking the radio was showing a draw b/c you have to wait
like 15 mins for that to drain but i'm not sure on the rest of these can anyone please help?

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tbc is the body control computer -

MBEC controls power seats, do you have memory seating maybe??

Your radio will always be hot, it has a constant, for remembering your presets and eq settings and such

HVAC is your climate control, im not sure why its hot

and you PDM, power distribution module

Thats all from google my friend. i have no idea whats supposed to be constant and whats not. Have you load tested the battery yet?? I think i recall pep boys or autozone or somebody like that that gives free load tests
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