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I need help!! What lift??

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i want a lift so bad but i dont know what to get. its definitely a daily driver but rarely sees the highway. i was planning on getting the Rough Country 6in NTD but now im afraid it wont be high enough. what other options do i have? i want to be up there but i still want to be able to work out of my truck. i do landscaping and pull a trailer sometimes. im leaning toward a 36x14 or 37x13.5 tire. what would be a good lift for me? i also have a 3in body lift. wheels are 16x10s
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If you already have a 3" bl if you get any 6" lift you will be plenty high enough, and have plenty of room to run 37s. Im not real sure bout your year truck but im sure any 6" lift would be fine. Im sure somebody else will chime in with better info haha
new or used kit? Id search CL to see if theres any deals.
since youve got a 3" bl already any 6" will work. 10" total is what you will probably need to clear with a good offset wheel with minimal trimmy.
I wish I would have gone bigger from the get go...get the FTS 9.5 and be done with it
for a daily driver, that will kill u in fuel, unless u are nor worried about that?.... get the rcx5'' kit its a steal, contact jon he has great prices
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