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I need help

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I lowered my truck a while back. Everything was fine for almost two years, then i started to notice that my front tires were wearing off from the inside. So i took it for an alignment, now the tires are not wearing off at all, but now my truck is pulling to the right when i let go of steering wheel. How can i fix this? thanx for your help in advance
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Well the truck sounds like it is now properly aligned, but now your truck could be pulling because of the tire wear. Try swapping the front two tires and see if it pulls the other direction. If so, then you know it's the tires. Buy new ones. If not, then the truck is not aligned properly.

I think that should help you figure things out. I'm sure others will chime in if they have other/better advice/experience etc.
Well, if the inside of the tires were wearing out and now they're not, it could be just the camber was fixed and you still have the wrong toe settings. If toe is adjusted before camber, if can be thrown off by the camber adjustments, some people don't care, some don't try, some overlook this.
But definitely try the tire swapping. If it pulls the other direction, swap your rear tires to the front is everything is the same size, maybe help save a buck or two instead of replacing tires all together.

thanx for your advice, im going to try swaping the tires and if it doesnt work, i might take it to get aligned somewhere else.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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