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i Need tires

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Im trying to get all my crap together so i know how much money i am going to need to addd a six inch suspension to my truck. I already have a 3" bl and a supension is on the way. Now i really cant afford a new set of tires right ofthe bat. so....

Any body that whats to sell their tires ranging in size from a 35" to a 38" give me a hollar.

if you got rims with em thats even better.

LIke in another of my posts, Any seller in tx would be great or if your near the state, BUT i can work with shipping if the product is right.

Send me pics and specs.

getting desperate, so let me know.

been :crazy: going :insane:
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How much are you wanting to spend on a set of wheels and tires? I might be interested in selling mine if the price is right. They are 17X9 Chrome Helo Maxx 6 with BFG All Terrian tires 315/70/17 (35 inch tires). They have about 2500 miles on them and are in great shape. Here are a couple pics of them on my truck. Let me know if you are interested.

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