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Well tonight at the meet , I had a guy I knew from High Shcool talking trash how his HEMI powered Reg. Cab Base Model truck could beat my truck .. Well , I started to talk to him about how my truck was just a 4.8 with Intake , exhaust , Programmer , & Posi .. This is how it went ...

Me: So , what does your truck come with stock(Hp)
Him: 345 Hp to the crank
Me: I only have about 285/290 Hp
Him: i thought these things have 270Hp
Me: I have Mods
Him: O right..... Well , You want to see how bad I beat you ..
Me: Not really , I dont want to lose to a Dodge
Me: :bawl:
Him: How much does your truck weight
Me: about 4400lbs with me in it I think
Him: really ?? Mine weighs in at like 3600
Me: ??????
Him: That what it says in the door jam
Me: So let me get this right .. You want me to run your 345Hp Base Model Hemi Powered Truck vs my lil 4.8 All Electric GMC
Him: Well , I want to see how bad I kick your ass

So we go run ..

First run is a 30 roll:
I pulled out to where his front end is at my bed right off the bat and he never caught up , then walk away at the top of second . Got a good 2 trucks on him at 110mph where he cuts off..

Second Run is another 30 roll:
Pretty much the same out come ... :head:

Me: Hey ..
Him: Yeah
Me: What do you want to go from??
Him: 15mph??
Me: OK

Third Run from a 15 roll:
Out of the hole I got a good truck length and then kept pulling , he let off at 70mph(about 4 trucks back) ..

Came to the light and I was ready to test the almighted torque of the "HEMI" , and he says he has had enough ASS WHOOPINs for tonight ...

:head: :head: :head:

4.8L > 5.7L "HEMI"

True Story ... :worship:

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LOL... He was :eek:wned:. I used to have a dakota and the dodge forums even slammed the hemi as it had almost nothing in common with the old skool hemis. Other than the hemispheric design of course.

great story though :read:

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Some Hemi owners are truly retarded. Of course those with a 426 Hemi are not because they actually own a true to life HEMI. Somebody on LS1Tech said they saw a NBS Ram driving around somewhere in Texas that had a dam SilveradoSS badge on it!!!


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KoTToN said:
that is def photoshopped look at the color and blurrs on the SS
I chopped it on there!!! Somebody on said they saw a Hemi Ram with an "SS" and "Turbo" badges on it!!!! I couldnt resist the urge to chop it on there. I was too lazy to do the "Turbo" badge.


I just put the cam in saturday actually. I was waiting on GMPartsDirect to get my oil pump sent to me for a while. Finally got it so saturday was cam swap day. I havent run it at the track yet. I need to dyno first. But it feels awesome from about 1900RPM's on. But it really rips from 3000 up!
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