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Oh and in the thread title, its yore*.
No, yore isnt a word. But You're is. i forgot the apostrophe in the title, sorry. I was so excited about this.
:roflmao: That's the kind we just got put in all our squad cars.
if i had an obs tahoe id buy this no question. imagine the looks of dismay youd get from your friends when they opened the door.

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i took the tray out and had two speaker boxes with correct airspace for 12" type r subs, without moving the speakers up, and i could still fold up the console. it only took up space behind the seat itself. Those trucks are MASSIVE.

Like my PENIS.
Yep, I just did an install last month in a std cab dodge. Hugegianormous box; I put like 3 homless people inside this thing, I could probably of fit 5 if I chopped them up! :imo
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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