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ifs front dif how much hell can it take?

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i got my 95 s-10 blazer( remeber front diff is alot smaller than a full size truck)

i am running 33x10.5 right now no probilem

i was curious to see if i threw on sum 36x12.5 tsl with 4:56 gears how much hell could my front dif take

i know when they are unlocked they can take a beating

or am i just asking for trouble with having to swap out ifs parts regulary

its either that are sfa my rig with 38's

i dont know guys what yall say

and o yeh it will be use moderate offroad and no rocks and crap like that just mudd particularly gumbo mud

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Well Probably get away with 36's. But IMO its a lil too much. Those tires bite and that is a little differential. (front and rear)
Depends on how you drive. Let the tires do the work.
well i can do 1 thing to make my front dif more beefier

the regular s-10 model is made out of aluminum i think are sum light thin metal
but the ZR2 trucks have a solid iron on with bigger ring and pinion

can I be the first smart ass and say you need a D60 and a 14blt. FF to run those tires because they're the most beastliest tires available and will do to your stock axles just what chuck norris would do to your face.:whip:

In all seriousness, I'd be wary of mudding with it, or even driving it on the street after working on one. They don't look strong at all, and fs 1/2 ton suspension wears like crazy offroad on 36" swampers, so I can only imagine how much worse it would be on a smaller, weaker setup.

Just my opinion, do what you want, but keep your foot off the gas or you'll most likely be exploding parts.

Edit: I just read your sig, and I can see cv's having an early death already:crazy:
ha actualy they have guys running 35-36 on Zr2 all the time and offroading with them but they have a stronger front diff

and you dont need a d60 to run 36 swampers

i know guys with d30 running swampers
and several ppl with full size Z running boggers and hard core offroading

but i know it comes down to how much hell do you putt it threw

and mudd doesnt tear ifs up that bad rocks and hard objects do

guess im start on gathering some sfa parts so when my ifs does blow up:crazy: i just rip it out and chunk sum d44-10bolt under it and run some 38.5 boggers
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