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IFS front diff

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Hey guys I was wondering what front diff. I have in my truck, its an 88 RCSB GMC Sierra SLT with a 350 and the 700R4, I want to lift it in a year or so but I need to what size my front diff. is so I can regear. Thanks
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so if you lift it in a year you will regear in two?

i dont know if yukon gear will still exist in 2012

to be honest i would probably keep your truck as it is and then set fire to it when you get it stuck in the mud - say it was stolen
except it was my step dads and I plan on giving it to my first born too and I love this truck to much, I think I would literaly cry if it was stolen or caught on fire, I learned to how to drive in it
I,ve got the 3.42 and like them, can roast them for days if I want but I can pull 16-17 mpg on the highway, I want to get something that would figure out to be the sameish as these with 38.5
I dont plan on getting good gas millage with big ass tires but I meant still have the same feeling as far as power and torque goes
Is there any differance between the OBS 1/2 ton and 1 ton front diffs, it seems like there should be?

And it will NOT bolt in place on a 1/2 ton.
well damn that plans shot to hell, and this wont be a daily driver, just a weekend toy and maybe 1-3 times a week and not like road trip type comutes either
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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