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first of all sorry to anyone on the forum today because i am posting multiple times in threads without a response haha. not trying to piss anyone off just trying to figure out something to help out everyone.

well im doing the 6 hi mod. but i think i want something different than everyone else. I want the fog lights to be on at all times. as soon as i start my truck, fogs come on. i want them on by themselves, with the lows, and with the hi's.

i did the 6 hi mod (the proper way) thread using a relay and splicing into the purple, and the green/black wires blah blah blah. i even tried going on the yellow wire instead of the green/black. nothin was working. I'm thinking that if i had a wire that always came on only when the truck was turned on i.e. ignition wire, i could splice that in, using a diode so that i dont affect the hi's and everything would be fine. or just scrap the relay and everything and connect the fog light wire to the ignition wire.

opinions? thoughts? help?
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