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Up for sale is one of the best bang for the subs that money can buy. Image Dynamics ID V3 Dual 4 ohm 12" subs retail for close to $200 new. You can find them online cheaper but wouldn't recommend it. These come with a full warranty and literally have been played for a total of 3 weeks. Price per sub is $125 plus shipping. If you want to buy more than 1 we can work out a little bit better price im sure. The specs for the subs are listed here.

"The newly updated ID series V.3 (for version 3) from Image Dynamics is setting a new standard for affordable high-performance subwoofers. The ID V.3 subwoofers are optimized for small enclosures while maintaining high efficiency and low-frequency extension. ID V.3 series subwoofers feature reinforced polypropylene cones and heavy-duty rubber surrounds. The unitized concave dust cap also increases cone stiffness without adding unwanted weight. The flat spider and dual 4-layer voice coils with thermally conductive former were carefully chosen to get maximum output from small amplifiers while still allowing these subs to handle the rigors of high power, high output systems. Also features a hyper-extended pole piece and bumped back plate for long linear excursion. With tremendous low-frequency extension from small enclosures combined with unbeatable value, Image Dynamics is truly establishing a new world order!"


Reinforced Polypropylene Cone
Thermally Conductive Voice Coil Former
IMPROVED! High-Roll Rubber Surround
NEW! Inverted Dust Cap with Embossed Logo
NEW! Custom Powder-Coated Basket
NEW! Full Protective Magnet Cover
NEW! Allen-Bolted Back Plate

Subwoofer Specifications

Size: 12 inch
Rec. Sealed Box Dims: 0.80 - 1.50 cu.ft.
Rec. Ported Box Dims: 1.50 - 2.00 cu.ft.
Free Air Usage: yes
Sensitivity: 88.6 dB
Frequency Response: 10-150 Hz
Recommended RMS Power: 250W
Peak Power Handling: 500W
Impedance: dual 4 ohms subwoofer wiring options

I have 8 of these for sale and I'd imagine they'll go quick at this price.
Pics of the acutal subs below (note plexi trim rings around subs are not included):


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Sorry guys...all are spoken for was first come first serve...all are pending payment but here is the list:

2 - bigcfromcinci (fsc)
2 - Minnesota Mudder (fsc)
2 - vicredV8 (gmfs)
1 - BaMaDuDe87 (fsc)
1 - 2k1slvrdo (gmfs)
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