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Make sure that your truck’s cab and the rear window are securely protected from the moving cargo with the all-new, uniquely-designed Hex Series Cab Rack by Dee Zee. Installing additional protection upgrades on your truck is always a smart move, especially if you’re a work truck owner. Today, we’re here with the new recently-released Hex Series Cab Rack engineered by Dee Zee to customize the exterior of your workhorse and securely protect the cab and its occupants.

Dee Zee® - Hex Cab Rack


Lights and Tie Downs are not Included.


  • Made of Extruded Hexagonal Aluminum
  • Available in Three Finishes – Silver, Gloss Black, and Textured Black
  • Integrated Channel Allows for Adjusting the Bars Vertically for Perfect Placement
  • 300 lb. Weight Limit
  • Installs into Existing Stake Pocket Holes
  • Limited-Lifetime Warranty
Discover more information about the new Dee Zee Product on this page.​
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