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improving ride quality mild drop 2013 nnbs Silverado

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Hi there

I have a 2013 nnbs extended cab 2wd 4.8 v8.
Truck has about 94,600 miles

I did a very mild drop 2.5/3.5 drop to my truck with fallowing parts

Front: 2007-2018 GM 1500 Truck & SUV Premium 1”-3” Adjustable Drop Coil Relocators

Pro Suspension - part # 300100

have it set up to where its a 2.5 inch drop in front.

STill have stock spindles, structs, shocks, and control arms

back: ground force
2.5 inch lowering shackle
part # GND-91212

also took out blocks in leaf spring ( about another inch)

Also added bell tech street performance rear shocks

truck rides on after market 20 inch american racing toqure thrust wheels ( tire size 275/55/r20)

truck drives awful seems stiff in the back and real soft up front. Especially when I hit any kind of bump/ dip on the rode front end is real bouncy. The freeway bounces are the worst.

i would like to change parts put getting overwhelmed with different combinations you can do ( struts/ control arms/ coilovers/ coilrelocators etc) what would be the best bet as far as ride quality but also easy to align.

i would possibly look to go lower but I do not want my truck sitting level I do want a little rake to my truck

i was thinking of getting the rough country 2/4 drop

KNUCKLE | 2"FR | 4"RR | CHEVY/GMC 1500 (07-14) ( part # 721.20)

this kit has knuckles ( spindles ) for front for 2 inch drop was also thinking about adding
McGaughys drop strut Part#3180 and setting this part 1 inch drop to net 3 inches drop total to upgrade from my stock strut and still get front end lower than what I currently have it.

back I would just use rough countrys flip kit ( online it says it can go down to 4.5 inches in back ) but not use rough countrys drop shocks and keep the bell tech street performance shocks .

Would the rough country setup with a couple different I parts I listed be an upgrade from what I have now or would it be worse setup. Do I need

drop leaf springs in back instead of a flip kit so the back is not as stiff. ? Or Should I just worry about the front and either by new OEM struts and keep coil relocators or upgrade to spindles/ drop struts, coilovers . Just really overwhelmed with what I should to this is the first vehicle I have ever lowered.

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I bought my truck already lowered but it has a flip kit on the rear amd it rides fine. Not as good as factory but it's not the worrlst I've had. Anytime you take away shock/spring travel you loose some ride quality depending on how low you go.

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Personally if you only want around a 2in drop up front I'd just go with drop knuckles. I would stay away from drop leafs. Most people complain about the ride and reduced hauling/towing capacity.

I have a 2009 silverado with belltech drop knuckles, belltech adjustable drop struts, Mcgaughys flip kit and adjustable lift shackles set to a 2in lift with beltech drop shocks out back. Ride isn't the best, but it is a body on frame truck so don't expect it to ride like a CUV or any other unibody SUV.

I do have assist bags out back because I pull car trailer from time to time.

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Thank you for the responses

I think I'm my main problem is the front

I'm going to tackle that first

for Christmas I received ebaich pro lowering springs
Says it will lower truck at 1.7 inches

Today I just bought a set of treckline adjustable struts ( going to set these at 1 inch drop )

This should net 2.7 inch front drop

Also ordered set of treckline upper alignment control arms

Will do a fallow up post and share how it rides

I know this is an unorthodox setup but got these coil springs as a gift and want to use them and try and put together a setup with these springs.

I also have 275/55/20 tires and been reading about there being rubbing issues 3 inch drop or more with these size tires . I want the lowest front drop as possible without there being rubbing issues with these tires

Once these tires wear out I will buy a smaller tire size next set and either go lower by a lowering the strut or just getting the 2 inch bell tech drop spindles part #2511

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For the rear on my truck I'm all scattered around . This part doesn't feel as bad as the front . I know it does feel a little more stiffer than the front but I think it's more of getting back down to the drop I want.

Has anyone uses bell tech drop shackle part # 6403 along with taking the block out to lower truck 4 inches in the back?

If that doesn't work I probably just hold off and wait an research more on best setup
I noticed on these trucks to get anywhere in the 4 inch-5 inch range with the flip kit like you have to put on adjustable hangers you can't use the stock hangers
. I was thinking about the rough country 2/4 kit at first but not anymore

Thank you for letting me know though about the dropped leafs.

I was really getting set on at the 2 inch mcgaughys lowering leaf spring with the 3.5 inch drop set up I currently have in rear to net a 5.5 inch rear drop or maybe put block back in for a 4.5 inch rear drop

I don't tow anything But I haul dirt bikes so I don't want my hauling payload to suffer and the ride to get worse

I currently have the bell tech street performance shocks in back part #2212ff but know If got lower in back I might have to upgrade my rear shocks again

Is there a good rear shock for lowered trucks that are really smooth for daily driving and also good from when hauling dirt bikes etc

I also do have the factory bump stops in the truck that have not been cut down can that be an issue on the current drop I have? Should I have cut these down already or do they only need to be cut down after a certain drop size.

Also looking to get a set of traction bars to avoid axle wrap

It's my first truck I have lowered and I didn't think there was all these different parts and combinations you can do it just overwhelming

Thank you for any input and guidance. Hope everyone holiday was good and hope everyone has a great new year
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