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In dash DVD?

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Hey guys I got a question for ya, I've been looking at In-dash DVD players. So far I really like the Pioneer's AVIC-N1 6.5 screen with a built in Navigation system and the AVH-P7500 about $300 or so more with a 7" screen. So what ya guys think I so go with? I also looked at Alpine new ones.,,2076_3151_64850099,00.html,,2076_4023_1986436,00.html
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i've been shopping the Alpine IVA-D300 lately. if a GP could be done through someone somewhere, the price could be really nice...but i dont know of any audio/video type gp's around here.
I to would like to hear from anyone that owns either the AVIC-N1 or AVH-P7500DVD. It looks like they both have alot of nice features. The AVH-P7500DVD looks a little more performance oriented while the AVIC-N1 has a navagation systems and some other miscellaneous features. I don't really need a navagation system as I have other plans for that but I would like to hear any pro/cons from people that have installed them. About the display sizes...I'm a little confused. The AVH-P7500DVD advertises a 7" screen while the AVIC-N1 advertises a 6.5" screen yet they both have a 16:9 aspect ration and 1440x234 pixels???
That's a hard choice both the new pioneer and alpine units are hott, but I like the alpine alittle bit more personally
that alpine won techtv awards this year for a reason...i like the touchscreen feature, and ive always thought alpine made their stuff with a lil better quality than others. lowest ive seen that IVA-D300 is $1200
AVH-P7500 are nice as hell, i have a AVH-P6450 and love it
Yeah a touch screen that touches back!!
ok.. not to bust your bubble, but I used to have the Kenwood KVT-911 in dash DVD w/ thouch screen..... most, if not ALL of the in dash touch screens are a Pain in the ass and don't work as well as they REALLY should for what they are and the $$$ you pay for them.

I just got the New Pionner HU DVH-5000mp. It looks like your normal head unit, but I purchased it for 380 the first day it came out. The features on it alone outdo ANY in dash dvd player w/ a screen in it. Plus, there is no 'brain' to mess with.

Now I have MP3, CD-RW, Windown media files, DVD on ANY monitor I want. It has outputs on the deck for 3 monitors. You can play the radio while watching a movie. It has a built in 20 band Digital Processor if that's not enough for you guys.

here's the link:,,2076_3155_15567163,00.html

i would Highly reccomend looking into a DVD reciever if I were you guys before I went out and spent the Dough on one of those Big boys.... truse me on this one... I've been there, and done that.
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Thanks for your input, I'll have to go check one of those out.
get the AVIC-N1 over the AVH-P7500DVD cause that navigation is cool because all you get more with the 7500DVD is a 1/2" biger screen but the navigation makes up for a little smaller screen I'm thinking about about upgrading my AVH-P6500DVD to the AVIC-N1
Id rather get this for like $309 and have a nice TV with a nice DVD player.
I have this same DVD player at work and I want it! Ive heard nothing but good about this tv also. Cant wait till I get em both. Its from btw

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I just put the alpine iva d300 in my truck this weekend and i love it. i told myself i would never get a touchscreen but man its cool.
Well I'm still looking, a friend of mine just bought a screen like that one from mp3playerstore. So I'll wait see what it looks like.
That pioneer unit that Chris99 was talking about really is a nice unit I did some research on it and it's awesome. Plus you can run that unit and put monitors where ever you want them it would look alot more custom than just another indash tv unit.
I agree with Chris99 and Bought99. I've got the DVH-P7000 and 2 Vizualogic monitors in my headrests. I'll be posting (hopefully in the next month) my monitor installation for the fronts once I get a chance to order and install. Well, order is easy. Finding time to install is the hard part. The deck has a all sorts of options...
dam I wish I had yalls $$$$
sooooo, Im thinkin' bout a Pioneer 7500 right around $1,000 or the AVIC-N1 for around $1500 :D Pretty interested in gettin one for myself for X-Mas :rocking: :insane: ! Any opinions yet, and good retailers online. I already checked Ebay :bowtie: . When do the new models get released? Thanx, Adam
dam you brought this one back
I didnt have to have yall guys money! I got my AVIC-N1 coming in with the voice mod and backseat remote for $866 shipped, new from Pioneer. Suck on it!
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