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Hello,Ive grown tired of the factory radio that's just a basic radio.Ive searched on amazon and came across a few different models that range in price from$600-$1000.They seem to fit the features im looking for-Bluetooth-gps-touch-screen ect too many bells and whistles to mention.I could post the links if need be.I don't feel the need to renew onstar.

I understand im painting a semi-broad brush on my needs.I just looking for a better overall in-dash upgrade.Most say the will work with the steering wheel controls.

I don't feel comfortable installing it my self so that's not a option.I just need to hear from anyone that's upgraded the factory radio and how it turned out.

Most have xm if that comes with it fine.My truck is one that I drive often as a second truck -so I don't see the cost need to add xm thou I love it on my frito lay work truck.

Heres a link to the one im just starting to consider.
Thanks for any an all help good or bad.

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