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INDIANA 88-98 OBS front bumper with molding and 2 push brackets

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first off location NO SHIPPING

Brownsburg, INDIANA 46112

selling my stock bumper from my 97truck with molding and also 2 push or impact bars I THINK im not sure what they are called. 2 plastic brackets that bolt to the bumper to help space out a hit or push you might do ;)
tho i dont have pictures of them yet and nor have i removed the front bumper yet.
it also comes with all 4 GOOD bumper brackets non bent. all still on the truck!

only reason for selling is i have a smooth bumper to slap on my truck now so i want to put it on and shave my side molding as well. i was going to keep my side molding BUT now that im lower people can still door ding my truck so im just gonna pull em off after all.

nice and straight as you can see. the lower plastic valance MIGHT AND MIGHT NOT be included.... my new bumper im not sure if it comes with a good valance or not i think a few of its tabs might be busted so not sure.

and the front liscence plate bracket is split on one side. been like that since i bought my truck. still ok. and the front skull plate NOT INCLUDED ;)
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