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Installed helper bags on 04 Yukon..

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Well I installed my helper bags today (Airlift 1000). I definitley like the way it drives and I have less body roll and it doesn't bottom out any (very little bottoming out before).. I would definitley recommend this for anyone with a Yukon/Tahoe that is lowered.
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Right on! Do you have any installed pics? Also do you have a little tank and valves or just shreader valves to fill it up?
What's the part number of this kit? How many PSI are you running for daily driving?
I don't have any pics of them installed and I am manualy filling te bags.. I don't have a onboard compressoe because I only need to fill the bags to 15lbs when I tow my boat..

The part # on the kit is AIR-60769 by Airlift.. I am running 6psi (5psi is recommended min and 35 is rec max) so it doesn't raise the rear of the truck but a 1/4 of a inch and it helps with the body roll and no bottoming out..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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