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Installing Drop

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Hey, I'm about to install my drop kit, only a 3/4 sprindles, springs,shackels and hangers. Does anyone have any pics/ tips for installing. I just bought a compressor and air chissel to get the rivets off. I just want to make sure I'm not messing anything up, plus I just got the truck, less than 4K miles.
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YB_Average said:
It's a 03 ecsb. How much should it cost me to install it. One shop told me $700 which includes the McGauphy's 3/4 deluxe drop (spindles, hangers and shakels) plus I'm having them install my new shocks. Anyone in the Md,DC, Northern Va know of any good reliable shops in my area let me know. I have came across a few shops, but by the looks of things I would take my new truck there. I had no idea it was going to be this hard to find a shop. Actually the dealer here has had the best angle on the whole thing and usually I'm anti-dealer for anything.
The spindles will only give you a 2" drop, so I guess you mean a 2/4 drop? :think:
The shop is probably spending about 350-400 on the kit, and charging you 300-350 labor. That seems about right for a shop. Is the kit using the 17 + Tahoe spindles or the regular spindles? If you already have the compressor and air chisel, why not you go at it and save yourself the money? Make sure you have a nice and heavy hammer to pop out the balljoints off the spindle and a torch to heat up the rivets. Or you could just talk 01Lowboy and pay less for labor.......
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