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Instructions on Installing a KP Canti. Anyone Have Them?

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My KP Canti kit didn't come with the instructions on how to install it. I called KP and they mailed them out but I should of asked if they could fax them but there offices are now closed and i don't know if they are open on weekends. Does anyone have them for a 02 Silverado. Could you email or fax to me because I need it for this weekend. Thanks
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03sierra said:
dude i was wondering what the hell kinda of setup that was when i first saw it. that upper bag mount looks like something used from a 4x4 lift kit.
What you said just opened my eyes, look closer at the picture, that truck IS a 4x4 .. they had to put it on top so they could still run the CV joints through ... weird. :insane: anyways, lowest 4x4 Ive ever seen.

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