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Intake and cam

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After i get my headers, im gonna probably order a cam and new intake. I figure i can use that little bit of extra "umph." I was thinking about the Edelbrock 3704 intake, for the TBI there anything better for under $250 (that manifold is $225 on jegs)??? also, what should i look for in a cam? im not really interested in HP, but just a little more low end and midrange torque. Sorry for all the questions, but im just tryin to figure out what i can do to gain a little more power out of this ol TBI motor.
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1slammedGMC said:
Check Holley for the intake, they have one that is advertised to make power from idle to 6k and its only $193 through jegs.
The Holley intake is NOT a direct bolt-on. You must fabricate new brackets for all of your accesories. The Edel 3704, however, is a direct replacement. I have paid well under $100 for them, you just have to keep an eye out.
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