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Been a while since I've posted on hear for repair advice!

Here's the deal... 2007 nnbs
My drivers door will open from the outside but not the inside.

A guy just did a repair for me and while he was at it, he pulled my door apart to see what I need.

He says I need 2 parts.... The cable (924-360) and a door lock actuator (931-303)

The cable makes sense but the door lock actuator seems a little odd to me. First, my doors do not have power locks and this part is for power locks for sure and also it seems my outside handle also wouldn't work if this was broken. I'm just about to place the order and don't want to pay 100 bucks for a part I don't need.

A company called 1a auto parts and doorman have been mentioned in the threads I've searched on the forums but it seems the more common problem with what I am experiencing is the door handle itself.

What do you guys think?
Ps... My door lock works just fine
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