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Inverting Superlift Shocks

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I inverted (flipped) my front Superlift shocks pretty recently to see how they would look. They ride just the same and Ive had no problems. But it seems that not a lot of lifted trucks have inverted shocks unless of course they are running Fox shocks or King shocks etc. Is there a reason why Superlift and other lift kit manufactures dont usually run their shocks inverted?

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MotoHead said:
Well if they ever do go bad on me its no big deal because I plan to change out all my shocks anyway. The new Bilstein 5150 shocks look pretty nice. Anybody know much about them?

ya, they are pretty much a 5100 with a small piggyback res....unfortunately the only 2 valvings they have on them are way to soft. i was gonna run them in my explorer (way lighter than a fullsize chevy) but i woulda had to run duals. in the long run i was gonna switch to coilover anyways so i couldn't see dropping to 440 bux.
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