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Inverting Superlift Shocks

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I inverted (flipped) my front Superlift shocks pretty recently to see how they would look. They ride just the same and Ive had no problems. But it seems that not a lot of lifted trucks have inverted shocks unless of course they are running Fox shocks or King shocks etc. Is there a reason why Superlift and other lift kit manufactures dont usually run their shocks inverted?

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The problem with running a cheaper (notice I didn't just say cheap) shock opposite of the manufacturer recommended way is air bubbles. When you run an inexpensive Rancho / Superlift shock absorber the wrong way (especially true when using them as a steering stabilizer) you get a big ugly air pocket. Air compresses easily and the piston just cruises through the air with the greatest of ease and doesn't really catch until it's fully submerged in oil. It's better than nothing but if the piston rides in an air pocket and not in the oil you'll cook seals and then the shocks will fail. If the manufacturer says to run their shock a certain way you better darn well do it because there's a reason for it.

If you spend the money for a high quality Fox shock make sure you get the TRUCK VALVING! Not all Fox 2.0 shocks are valved the same. spends more because we buy them from Kartek which orders the shock from Fox valved for a full size truck. If you just buy a generic Fox 2.0 you will need to have it taken apart and re-valved to ensure you are getting your moneys worth. I know a certain high-end suspension company (can't say who yet) that is working with Fox to offer an even more custom valved Fox 2.0 w/reservoir for use with their kits. That will be the Fox shock to get because it'll be even more specifically valved which means you'll finally get your $179.00 worth of shock performance.

Jeff @ PLC
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