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iPhone question

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I might be getting one of the first generation iPhones from a friend tomorrow. I have Verizon wireless so I can't use it as an actual phone. I want it more for the iPod usage. Will I still be able to access WiFi with it even though I won't be using a SIM card inside of it?
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You'll need to unlock it for use on other networks. I know you won't be able to use it on Verizon, but an unlocked iPhone with the sim card taken out will only be able to make emergency calls. After that you will be able to pick up Wifi.
I dont plan on using it for calls. Im basically using it as an iPod touch.
You can't use any feature on the phone unless the phone is unlocked/activated.
Oh ok. I guess ill have to get it unlocked.

And where can I go to get that done/how can I do it myself?
I dont plan on using it for calls. Im basically using it as an iPod touch.
No I know, but you wanted to use the wifi feature, and I'm saying that unless you unlock it for use on other networks (even if you don't care to use it on a network) it will be a brick that's only good for 911 calls.

To do it yourself, you can use any number of programs, WinPwn I think is the only one I can think of right now. It's super easy, there are step by step guides online. Do NOT pay anyone to do it.
ok, hopefully ill get it tomorrow

thanks guys
There's free programs online to unlock just search around
Go to You can get the jailbreak/unlock programs there for free. It is not hard to do.

Kid is a genious with iphones....was very easy to do and he does everything step by step in his videos :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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