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ipod help

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where can u get an adapter for a stock radio for an ipod on a 2007 silverado classic? Not a fm transmitter thing actual cables?
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check with local stereo shops they may have something.
i got a usa spec adapter off ebay. its plug and play and u can control the ipod from the radio or from the ipod itself, charges it, all that good stuff.
Peripheral PXDP3

It's an iPod interface, and also has 1 set of RCA inputs for auxiliary like external satellite radio.

You can either control the ipod through the click wheel, or through the OEM head unit.
How hard is it to install this
here's what has for ipod hookups
How hard is it to install this
pull the radio, plug in, run cable, reinstall radio
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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